Covid Information

Summer 2022

(Updated 12/2/21)

After a Covid-free summer in 2021, we are looking forward to another successful summer in 2022!

While there have been many encouraging advancements in battling this disease, including vaccinations and therapeutics, Covid still presents a risk.  We want to lay out our current policy for dealing with Covid, but with your understanding that as things change, including new variants, medical advice, and governmental requirements, our policy may change as well.

Please know that our first concern is the physical and emotional health of our campers and staff, and we rely on guidelines established by the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and our local health department for our Covid safety protocols.

Vaccination: Current Covid vaccinations are required for all campers and staff for the 2022 season.  "Current" will include booster shots, if recommended by the CDC.

Pre-camp Quarantine and Testing: At this time, we do not anticipate requiring pre-camp quarantine or testing.  However, this may change depending on recommendations at the time.

Transportation: We plan on offering bus transportation to and from camp as well as to and from the Reno airport.  If any of this changes, we'll contact camper families as soon as we're able.

Opening Day: We will continue our drop-off procedure on Opening Day of each session, where parents are asked to stay in or near their vehicle and to not explore the facility. A staff member will greet you at the entrance to Camp and let you know when staff are ready to welcome your child.  We regret that we cannot accommodate early arrivals on the first day of your child's session.

Program: Some activities may be altered or eliminated based on health recommendations then in effect.  Currently, we plan to offer horseback trail rides once again and to resume our white water rafting adventure down the American River.  However, we cannot guarantee these two activities will continue to be offered for Summer 2022.  If either activity is withdrawn as an option, you will receive a full refund.

What happens if our child gets Covid or tests positive before arriving at Camp?  Your child will not be permitted to attend Camp.  If we have space available later after they test negative, you may move your reservation.  If there is no space available, then there is no refund.  Your best course of action to protect against this possibility is to purchase tuition insurance.  It can protect your investment in Camp for more risks than Covid, such as other illnesses and injuries.  Every year, we get the inevitable and unfortunate call from a parent who opted not to purchase tuition insurance and then asks for a refund close to the start of camp when their child gets sick or injured.  We are not able, however, to accept this financial risk over which we have no control and have to decline the request.  So please carefully consider obtaining tuition insurance.  Our Camp does not sell insurance.  However, you can find out more about camp tuition insurance here, but this is just one provider and you are free to shop for tuition insurance from any provider.  Typically, you can purchase tuition insurance up to the date your tuition becomes non-refundable, which is May 1, but not after. However, some insurance providers may set a deadline at or soon after your enrollment date.  Please review their policy information carefully.

Cancellations / Refunds:  Please see our Refund Policy page.