Covid Information

Summer 2023

(Updated 5/11/23)

Here is an update on our COVID policies for summer 2023. 

At the outset, we should acknowledge that we have learned - as everyone has learned - that this disease can change rapidly and that the recommendations from the CDC and other health authorities can also change.  So please be aware that our policy is subject to change.

We are heartened how COVID has mutated into a less pathogenic disease, that the vaccines have been so effective in reducing the severity of the disease, and that our everyday lives have largely returned to normal. And effective February 28, 2023, California lifted its pandemic emergency and the federal Department of Health and Human Services did the same effective today, May 11, 2023.

For these reasons, we decided to implement a system that includes COVID testing both before and potentially during camp, continued enhanced sanitation at Camp, and a procedure for isolation and potential return to home of campers who test positive.  Keep in mind, that if circumstances change, so may our protocols.

We've arrived at these protocols chiefly by relying on recommendations by CDC, but also on other resources such as the state and local health departments and the American Camp Association.

COVID Testing

Here is the schedule of testing we are implementing:

1.  Camp will administer a COVID test that you bring with your camper upon your camper's arrival at Camp or at the bus pickup stop.  If your camper tests positive, we will ask you to take him/her home and return once they test negative.  As a result, we recommend (but don't require) that you perform an at-home test before you go to the time and expense of traveling to Camp.

2.  The Camp will also test upon any symptomatic presentation assessed by our nurse to be potentially related to a COVID infection.
Serial rapid antigen tests are highly effective in uncovering an infection.  Though we are hopeful that the at-home test will catch any cases before a camper arrives at Camp, the additional at-Camp tests were determined to give a high likelihood of catching any false negatives or last-minute exposures before arriving at Camp.

What Happens If My Child Tests Positive?

If your child tests positive at home before arriving at Camp, your child will stay home until he/she tests negative, and then they will be welcome to join their session in progress.
If your child tests positive after check-in day, we'll call you and ask that you pick up your child within 24 hours and preferably that same day if at all possible. If you will be outside California or Nevada, we'll discuss arrangements and we require a pickup within 48 hours of our call. Unfortunately, caring, feeding, and supervising infectious campers is more resource-intensive than we are able to maintain for more than a very short period. As of April of 2023, medical professionals continue to report that a camper who tests positive will most often continue to test positive for 7-8 days. This is consistent with our experience last summer.

Check-In Procedure

Because testing at Camp and check-in will consume more time than in years past, and to minimize long wait times, we will send you an email with a check-in time for your camper and your camper's bunkmates.  If you arrive more than 45 minutes past your check-in time, we'll do our best to check you in during the next hour, if and when time allows. If you arrive early, we will check in those parents who were assigned to the time slot first. If you already know that you're unable to arrive at the allotted time, please contact us to make alternative arrangements as soon as possible.

As for the actual check-in process, you'll be greeted by a member of our staff as you turn off Highway 49 onto our entrance road.  Your greeter will let you know when you may proceed to the upper parking lot to begin the check-in.
As we did last year, we ask that you stay in or near your car.  Once again, we will be unable to provide a tour of Camp upon arrival, though we hope to offer a tour at the end of the session.  We will administer the rapid antigen test while you and your camper are in your car.  Once a negative test is returned, we'll continue the check-in process, which includes making sure forms are in order, a lice check, and checking for signs of any other infectious disease.

Thank You

Again, our goal is to provide a healthy, safe, and fun experience for everyone.  A healthy camp community begins at home. Thank you for partnering with us to minimize any risk of exposure to campers and our camp community.  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.