A Great Day for Camp

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Today I woke up at 6 with the sounds of the birds waking me up. We had some delicious fried potatoes with scramble eggs. A perfect meal for the busy day ahead to come.

In the morning we went climbing with 10 campers at deadwood. It is an amazing place to go climbing, you are surrounded by deadwood as the name implies.

It has amazing views and everybody can climb the rock wall. On the way to the top we even saw a patch of snow, which is pretty rare when it is 70 degrees in the chade.

Grigri, Sassafras and I were belaying the kids so that they could climb safely and without fear of hurting themselves it was a beautiful day and the views of the butes were stunning, we had a great time. All the campers made it the top even the kids who hadn’t climbed before and I am very proud of them for that accomplishment. 

For lunch we had pizza bagel, it is half a bagel covered with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I personally consider these the best lunch of this camp.

During my free period I walked around camp and at the arts and crafts section they were making wallets out of duct tape which looked really cool and colorful.

Squishy and a bunch of campers were repainting the trash can and drawing aliens on them and writing slogans on them like: trash is alien to the environment!

On the volleyball court they were playing ultimate Frisbee which is an awesome sport, Sunny was showing his usual tricks and teaching them to the campers.