“Mosquito Bites, Homesickness, and Stomach Aches” by Camp Nurse Apple

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On the first day of camp, the Camp Nurse is someone everyone meets – parents, campers, and all the staff.

It’s the health check in where medications are filed safely, health histories are confirmed, and introductions take place.  Oh, and don’t forget the lice and athlete’s feet check! 

Most campers hope this will be there last time in the Health Clinic, but occasional visits do occur.  Calamine for mosquito bites, sunscreen before heading to Salmon Lake, and bug repellent before campfire (we love campfire!) are the most common reasons for stopping by, but occasionally there are most ‘serious’ issues. 

Shaffer’s Camp Nurse sees the kids to decide if the stomachache is homesickness or something more serious.  Of course, the goal is to get everyone back out there having the best summer ever, but occasionally campers end up resting in the Health Clinic or even visiting the local MD for a check.  As the Camp Nurse, most of us figure the best cure for homesickness is to get back to the fun, so that (and providing a safe camping experience) is the goal!

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