Things We Love Friday: The Letter “S”

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Summits, stars, and smiles By now, you should know that our Shaffer’s Summiters club is a big deal.

Campers are challenged to summit four local mountain peaks surrounding camp: The Sierra Buttes, Haskell Peak, Yuba Pass Pinnacles, and Deadman’s.

Once you’ve bagged all four, your name will be permanently added to bronze Summiters plaque displayed in the dining hall!

There’s no doubt that summiting relates to our next Thing We Love: Sierra starsets (that’s a word we made up for a cross between a beautiful sunset and twinkling stars, see photo for proof).

There’s no better way to experience a real-life starset than from atop a mountain peak, after a day of charging the trails to get there!

It’s also possible the sky could be telling you more about your next day of backpacking.

Of course, we admit that smiling is not unique to Camp, although we do think that the smiles at our Camp are unique.

Smiling can improve mood, relieve stress, help you live longer, and most importantly, it can make others smile!

What’s not to like? We think that if this little Australian Shepherd can smile for this long, you can too — and you definitely will be at Camp.