What is CIT / CILT?

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CILT, or Camper in Leadership Training, is a program run at camp that gives a select group of older campers the chance to work in a leadership position.

CILTs are assigned to a younger bunk group and assist the counselor in that bunk at mealtimes, rest hour, and for nighttime ritual after brushing teeth.  

CILTs are sometimes assigned to a program area, such as rock climbing or biking.  They are asked to create and run an Evening Program one night a week.  CILTs attend special meeting times throughout the week with Gigi,the CIT/CILT Program Director.

The CIT, Counselor in Training, program is for 18 and 19 years-olds who would like to learn the skills necessary to become a competent, caring, and professional summer camp counselor.  People often associate summer camp with care-free, light-hearted fun.  

That impression does not come by accident.  It is a product of lots of planning, hard work, good people, and excellent training.  As a CIT, a person will learn skills that should be highly prized by any employer: responsibility, team work, work ethic, communication, conflict resolution, and passion.  

While participation in the CIT program is not a guarantee of employment at Shaffer’s High Sierra Camp in the future, it is an excellent way to acquire not only necessary skills, but to enable the Camp to see how the CIT performs in an employment context.