Summer Camp Photographer

The Camp employs a photographer to take portrait shots of campers and staff for internal administrative use and to take shots of campers engaged in all the fun summer camp activities. Photos are uploaded to the Camp’s online photo gallery nightly so that parents can view their children. There is minimal editing, mostly due to time constraints, and so a discerning eye is needed to upload acceptable photos. The photographer is responsible for organizing and maintaining the Camp’s online photo gallery. The photographer also is asked to assist in production of the Camp’s calendar, which is sent out around the holidays at the end of the year.

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Summer Camp Videographer

The Camp also employs a videographer to catch campers having fun in different summer camp activities. The videographer will be asked to supplement traditional recording with point-of-view shots, typically using a GoPro, on various adventure outings, including rock climbing, mountain biking, and rock climbing. The Camp also has a drone and drone experience (including registration with the FAA) are preferred. The videographer will be responsible for uploading to the Camp’s YouTube channel a lightly edited montage of the day’s recordings with a standardized introduction and conclusion that the videographer will also create. At the end of each two-week session, the videographer will also present a 10 to 15 minute compilation of the best video taken over the past week. And the videographer will be asked to take specific footage to update/supplement the Camp’s website and promotional videos.

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