Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonial When I dropped my 8 year old twins off that first day, they were uncertain as to what lay ahead, which I can understand. However when I picked them up a week later, I could see a new confidence and swagger in their walk that they didn't have the first day of camp. It was amazing!!! - Enid T, Bell Canyon, CA

Parent Testimonial Our son looks forward to Shaffer's High Sierra Camp every summer! He returns home from camp asking to return the next summer for a week longer because he runs out of time and is not able to do all the activities. We also love that the camp picks and/or drops the campers off at the Reno airport. - Michelle R, Henderson, NV

Parent Testimonial Keenan came away with so much confidence. He surprised me with the activities that he chose that were "out of the box" for him..hiking to the summit, white water river rafting, horse back riding. He had an amazing time and is already talking to friends about which weeks to go next year! - Marie M, Sonoma, CA

Parent Testimonial Great experience for all ages, safe and friendly environment that is diverse in every way. Campers immediately feel at home when they enter the camping parking. Staff and counselors greet everyone with a warm smile that is very sincere. Every year when I pick my camper up, I am told in the car ride home she wants to return the next summer! - Natalie P, Piedmont, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's High Sierra Camp has been a special place for our two kids. They come home from camp ready for the next year. Each year they return home with stories of amazing adventures from rock climbing, mountain boarding, crafts, hip hop, my list could go. On top of it all they come home with dear friendships, fun memories, and an appreciation for the outdoors and others. Thank you!!! - Marcie T, Evergreen, CO

Parent Testimonial My son and daughter were 1st time campers and both had such a great time. It was my daughters 1st over night camping experience and she really loved it. She made some great friends as well and is keeping in touch through social media. Even though there was so much to do at any time it seemed they really enjoyed the time just hanging with friends and getting to know everyone. - Tracy R, San Diego, CA

Parent Testimonial Both of my boys have found Shaffer's to be a great fit. They are able to be themselves and try new things at their pace. I like the smaller camp size, which allows everyone to get to know one another. - Emily F, Scottsdale, AZ

Parent Testimonial Allyson had another great year. She loved participating in the Camper-In-Leadership-Training (CILT) Program. She returned home more mature and is excited about next year, her 3rd summer at SHSC! - Dora D, Bakersfield, CA

Parent Testimonial My girls' first summer camp experience away from home was just great! They didn't stop talking about the kids they met and the things they did for several days after they came home. - Thomas F, Sacramento, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer High Sierra Camp is an amazing place for kids. Lisa and Scott do a great job of managing their camp, their staff and providing a safe, adventurous place for campers! Our son is a child with Down syndrome and is extremely capable, athletic and independent. Clearly, we had concerns when we first sent him there. He has now attended 3 years and absolutely loves it. They make him feel welcome and ensure his success with their close supervision and supportive, enthusiastic staff. Shaffer High Sierra summer camp has been an integral part of his path to social success!! - Peggy L, Truckee, CA

Parent Testimonial When I picked up my son after two weeks of camp, I was truly impressed and pleased to see his increased self-confidence and independence. Instead of anxiously waiting for me to pick him up, he was playing ping pong with friends. He then gave me a tour of the camp while saying hi to all of his new friends and counselors. It was like he was showing me his home. He talked about his experience for the next two hours while traveling home. He really enjoyed the camp and would definitely go back. - Mark W, San Mateo, CA

Parent Testimonial This was a fabulous experience for my daughter. Hana really stretched her comfort zone in so many areas, emotionally and physically, and was definitely challenged, yet felt nurtured throughout the whole process. She loved the counselors and appreciated all the really good, caring people she met. All the activities and social elements were so fun, but she also felt like she was given a lot of responsibility and appreciated the expectations for helping out and working together. - Jen D, Ashland, OR

Parent Testimonial The experience was rich and expansive. My son enjoyed the staff and met some great friends. I think it was a good opportunity for him to feel independent and engage in nature. - Marilyn S, Petaluma, CA

Parent Testimonial Our son has enjoyed Shaffer's High Sierra Camp so much he keeps extending his weeks. He also talks often about becoming a counselor when he is older. - Tony M, Reno, NV

Parent Testimonial Lucia LOVES Shaffer's High Sierra Camp! It's a place to try lots of new things and where every minute is filled with friendship, creativity, and fun! - Elizabeth H, Folsom, CA

Parent Testimonial A wonderful camp for my daughter! She just completed her third summer and loved it. Lisa and Scott Shaffer and the whole High Sierra Camp staff do an excellent job creating a magical summer for kids of all ages. Check it won't be disappointed! - Michael F, Santa Monica, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's High Sierra Camp was caring and professional, in the best sense of the word. My 12-year-old had a great time trying archery, kayaking, fire building, and many other activities. He enjoyed camp life in the friendly and supportive environment. - Joanne Y, Moraga, CA

Parent Testimonial This is the kind of camp that makes memories that last a lifetime, gave my child confidence that they could thrive away from home and try new things. Now he has his "camp friends" that he looks forward to seeing each summer in addition to his "home friends". - Mitch L, Mi Wuk Village, CA

Parent Testimonial This was our son's first sleep away camp and it was by far the best camp. He was so excited when we picked him up; he showed us the places he had gone rock climbing and led us on a hike. He had so much self confidence, respect, and patience. Shaffer's High Sierra Camp is magical. - Cecilia W, Palo Alto, CA

Parent Testimonial The staff are very well trained to deal with issues that arise in childhood groups. They are supportive, encouraging and are not punitive. My child has attended two years in a row and growth and development were identified by himself and others following each time. - Suzanne K, Browns Valley, CA

Parent Testimonial This summer's camp experience at Shaffer's High Sierra Camp was the most incredible summer in every possible way for my 14 year old daughter offering the ideal balance of freedom and structure in a high energy "positive" environment that was both empowering and soulful! - Jody I, Sherman Oaks, CA

Parent Testimonial I look forward to picking my son up from camp each summer to see the many positive changes both physically and emotionally. He seems to grow physically and also mature when he is away from his parents and has to make his own decisions. I'm confident he is safe even when he is doing 'dangerous' rock climbing or mountain biking as the counselor/camper ratio is low. He always makes new friends and his self confidence has also improved. - Gail I, San Ramon, CA

Parent Testimonial Our daughter's first experience as a camper was this past summer at High Sierra. She had just finished a very unpleasant year at school and I wanted her to experience a very rich and rewarding summer. Her eyes were opened up to new and fantastic friendships with campers and counselors of all ages. The activities she experienced and the bonds she made will be a lasting joy for her...and of course she gets to do it all again this coming summer...thanks a million!! - Carla H, Paicines, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's is THE ultimate summer camp experience for your children. Having been a camper myself in my youth, I can attest to them being my first and only choice to entrust my child to. The staff is highly prepared and relate so well with the kids. Plus the counselors are all college students or graduates - great role models. The activities around the lakes and the offerings of the camp are unbeatable. My son has matured & grown from each summer he's attended. Next summer will be his 6th time returning ... can't beat that as an endorsement for a great camp. - Cindy S, Thousand Oaks, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's High Sierra Camp was pure, outdoor fun and empowerment minus the social pressures kids feel at school and among their peers. - Kristin A, Larkspur, CA

Parent Testimonial Our daughter loves her time at Shaffer's High Sierra Camp and always asks to go back for a longer period of time the next summer! - Tom M, Concord, CA

Parent Testimonial My son had an absolute blast at High Sierra Camp. He met new friends and had stories about what he did for days. He can't wait to go back next summer! - Karen S, Las Vegas, NV

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's has helped both of our children grow into confident, adventurous teens! The staff are excellent with kids. Our whole family loves Shaffer's! - Lisa R, Richmond, CA

Parent Testimonial Quotes from grandson: It was awesome. It made me feel grown up. I've never had so much fun. The friends I made will be friends forever. - Tom L, Napa, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter loved Shaffer's and all her experiences and activities. She came home and said next year I want to go for two weeks! - Jennifer K, Las Vegas, NV

Parent Testimonial This was the first time for my son and daughter to attend any summer camp. They loved Shaffer's High Sierra Camp and my daughter wanted to extend her stay. They will definitely be going back next year. When I picked them up they didn't want to leave camp. - Judi J, Portola Valley, CA

Parent Testimonial Both of my boys look forward to camp every year. They each have found activities that they like the best. The oldest loves mountain biking and the younger one basically likes everything. Every time we come to pick them up, they ask to stay another week. - Tony F, Sparks, NV

Parent Testimonial This was a great experience for my son who first attended at 9 and plans on attending until he's 18!! As a mom I felt he was in a safe place yet he got the benefits of sleep- away camp and a variety of exciting activities to choose from. - Lisa P, Aromas, CA

Parent Testimonial My son went to Shaffer's High Sierra Camp for 4 consecutive summers. The first time for one week, but for the next 3 for two weeks because he begged to go for longer! What we love most about Shaffer's is their kid-centered approach. It is just all about being outdoors, having fun, and learning something about yourself in the process. - Holly P, Sebastopol, CA

Parent Testimonial High Sierra Camp was a great choice for my children. Not only did they get to do cool stuff, they had the opportunity to interact with other children of varying age groups. This was a chance for them to mentor and be mentored, which in turn creates a whole individual. Something we, as adults, value. I couldn't be more pleased. - Jenny V, Novato, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter had an exceptional experience at camp last summer. She met other kids from all over world, gained confidence on a mountain bike, cooled off in crystal clear mountain lakes, slept in a tipi, and her overall post-camp confidence soared. She can't wait until next summer to reunite with her camp family. - Andrea C, Fairfax, CA

Parent Testimonial A truly wonderful outdoor experience. Everyone is encouraged to try something new and never omitted from any activity. Whether you wish to hike, swim, ride a bike or a horse, do crafts in camp or create a play, all within a well supervised, safe and caring environment with counselors from the global community. You may have an Aussie, a Kiwi, someone from the UK, South America or Europe, such a treasure of diversity and a real chance to learn of other cultures and unique accents! We can't rave enough how wonderful our experience has been with Shaffer's and their wonderful camp!!!

Parent Testimonial The best memories of my childhood were being at summer camp. I wanted my daughter to have a great camp experience too, one that would help to create great memories for her. With all of the distractions (electronics!) it's important for me to be able to give my daughter an experience without phones, iPads or computers so that she could take in nature, participate in activities and be present while building friendships. We now lovingly refer to camp as Electronics Rehab!!! The fact that my daughter asked to stay 4 weeks instead of 2 next summer says it all. Thank you Shaffer's High Sierra Camp for being the camp that my daughter loves going to create her own "best childhood memories." - Jo K, Valley Village, CA

Parent Testimonial This was our teenage son's second year at Shaffer's, and he wouldn't consider going anywhere else. He increased his stay to 3 weeks this year, from 2 the previous year. The entire staff, particularly the counselors, have made our son feel welcome, safe and secure. Despite an injury the first week of camp, which the Shaffers handled as if he was their own child, he made the decision to remain at camp, as he was having too much fun to leave. They made sure he had activities to enjoy despite his injury. Exceptional people and exceptional experience! - Harry S, Mill Valley, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter had a great week. She said the counselors were super fun! - Jill L, Santa Barbara, CA

Parent Testimonial My nephew loved the fact that counselors were from all over the world. - Nancy C, Petaluma, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter loved the small and intimate group of campers and friendly camp staff. - Bruce B, Greenbrae, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's was our son's first camp experience and he had a great time. He talked about camp adventures for weeks afterward. He became friends with another camper almost immediately. - Jodie L, Nevada City, CA

Parent Testimonial My first-time camper did not want to leave! She begged us to enroll for another 2 week continuous session. She now wants to come next year for a month and eventually become a counselor. - Kathleen P, Scottsdale, AZ

Parent Testimonial My daughter had never spent a week away at a camp before. Her anxiety wouldn't allow it. She tackled this experience head-on and came away a more confident and secure young lady. - Roland T, Danville, CA

Parent Testimonial High Sierra offered so many fun filled activities that our son said he never responded to my letters because he was too busy having fun. - Michele G, Lodi, CA

Parent Testimonial Great environment for all ages of kids. My daughter made so many new friends. I like the fact that you have counselors from all over the world. - Debbie M, Sierra Madre, CA

Parent Testimonial Best run camp that assures safety of children yet guarantees that children mix, mingle and have loads of outdoor fun. Provides international flavor from staff and fellow campers. - Brig I, Pinole, CA

Parent Testimonial The camp offered so many fun and interesting activities -- I don't think my son had a bored moment in two weeks. - Joe G, Los Altos, CA

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's High Sierra Camp promotes community living and open-mindedness in California's multi-cultural society. - Maria G, Los Gatos, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter loved everything. The counselors were friendly, helpful, encouraging, funny and related with her well. - Michelle C, Woodland, CA

Parent Testimonial Your camp reminds me of my time of going to camp; it's dusty, dirty, the counselors are young, diverse and seem to really like kids! My son was very comfortable just after an hour of being there, that says a lot. He enjoyed the star gazing trip, the horseback, and river rafts. Your prices are reasonable compared to others in the area. You provide a safe and fun place to learn and grow; AND THE FOOD IS GREAT TOO!! - Stephanie K, Fairfield, CA

Parent Testimonial We give our children many opportunities which we hope they will store away as fond memories of their childhood. Hard to imagine them not recounting the night spent sleeping under the meteor-showered sky at summer camp! Shaffer's is undoubtedly part of the family archives. - Pearl H, Granite Bay, CA

Parent Testimonial Our daughter could not stop talking about what a great time she had and would have stayed 2-3 more weeks if she could have. She really loved the whole experience and especially the international counselors. She perfected both an Aussie and Kiwi accent in just one week. - Kyle C, San Rafael, CA

Parent Testimonial Only camp that our son wants to return to and recommends to his friends. - Gisele P, Reno, NV

Parent Testimonial Daniel really enjoyed the camp counselors and the activities, he cant wait to come back again. - David M, Hayward, CA

Parent Testimonial My daughter thought this was the "best camp in the world" and wants to go back next year for 2 weeks instead of just 1. - Jennifer P, Nevada City, CA

Parent Testimonial Our daughter had the most positive experience at camp, she even wrote her high school essay about the significant impact that High Sierra Camp had on her life and how her time there gave her confidence, increased self-esteem, new skills, and friends who she keeps in touch with all year. She can't wait to come back next summer and hopes to one day be a CIT. - Regina C, San Francisco, CA

Parent Testimonial My son really enjoyed his counselor. My children enjoyed the variety of activities offered during the day. I was impressed with the diversity of both campers and counselors. My daughter's counselor was Australian; my children met fellow campers from Spain. Their two weeks at Shaffer's High Sierra Camp was a great experience for both of them.

Parent Testimonial Shaffer's High Sierra Camp - has all the amenities for an adventurous child plus a wonderful highly qualified staff to work with and encourage those children experiencing over-night outdoor camping for the first time. - Dee B, Novato, CA

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