2024 Dates and Rates

on or After
2-Week Sessions Nov 1 Feb 1 Feb 1
Session 1
(Jun 16 - Jun 28)
$4,595 $4,695 $4,795
Session 2
(Jun 30 - Jul 12)
$4,595 $4,695 $4,795
Session 3
(Jul 14 - Jul 26)
$4,595 $4,695 $4,795
Session 4
(Jul 28 - Aug 9)
$4,595 $4,695 $4,795
1-Week Sessions
Session 5
(Aug 11 - Aug 17)
$2,395 $2,495 $2,595

Rates quoted are for payment by traditional check.  We also accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), debit cards, and eChecks.  However, a 3% charge will be applied to cover credit card processing fees and 1% for eChecks.

Sessions 1-4 are two-week sessions. Session 5 is a one-week session. You may combine Sessions 3 and 4 for a longer stay and the Camp will provide food, lodging, and activities for your child during the "oversession" (i.e., the period between the end of one session and the beginning of the next session.) If you enroll your camper for multiple sessions involving different sessions, you will need to pick them up Friday after their first session ends and return them on Sunday for the beginning of their next session.  If your child has a nut allergy, please select Session 1.  Our delicious menu is completely nut-free this session.

Session availability:

Session 1 (two-week session) This Session is OPEN. .

Session 2 (two-week session) This session is OPEN.

Session 3 (two-week session) This session is OPEN.

Session 5 (one-week session) This session is OPEN

Please carefully consider purchasing tuition insurance.  We highly recommend that you buy tuition insurance because it is your only avenue for obtaining a refund on or after May 1 if your child is prevented from attending camp or gets ill at camp and has to go home.  There are no refunds after May 1.  Please review our Refund Policy:  Refund Policy.