Performing Arts

You'll be able to choose among different performing arts offered by Camp including dance, drama, music, improvisation, and a talent show. The actual program depends on participant interest.


Each year our dance program highlights the particular talents of that year's staff, but generally reflects an influence of jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and line dancing.


You'll work with our performing arts specialist to select, practice, and perform a short skit or play of your choice before the entire Camp. You'll have your 15 minutes of fame!


What's camp without guitar music and signing around the camp fire! If you want to learn to play the guitar or the ukelele, you're invited to join in.


Do you like to think on your feet, take a suggestion and run with it, and have lots of fun? Then maybe improv is just the ticket.

Talent Show

What's camp without a talent show? All campers have the opportunity to show the Camp their special talents in our Camp-wide talent show.


All different voices combined together to create amazing sounds. Great for anyone with an interest in singing!

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