Challenge Ropes Course

Are you ready to set your heart racing as you climb the impossible, navigate along elements strung high in trees, work in a team to ascend a giant's ladder, jump off a perfectly good platform for a ride on a zip line, or pull the rip cord on a Giant Swing...40 feet up? Then come to camp and sign up for our challenge ropes course!

The High Elements are strung among trees at stomach-churning heights, where you can challenge yourself on such things as the Incomplete Bridge, Postman's Walk, Vertical Play Pen, Giant Swing, Giant's Ladder, and Zip Line. Though these elements will test your fear of heights, parents will be happy to know that safety's first! Participants use safety gear such as a helmet and harness, and are belayed at all times by trained staff.

There's more to a challenge course than high elements, however. Low elements are used for team building with group problem solving and cooperative games. You'll get to participate in these games at the beginning of each session; they'll help you meet and get to know other campers. The problem solving and cooperative games are also offered at other times and challenge you to "think out of the box," how to communicate an idea to others, and how to listen. A staff member helps campers process the experience by asking the participants questions about their problem solving efforts and what they learned from the game.

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