Yummy, healthful food is a central component of camp life. Our chefs work hard to provide a variety of meals that campers will enjoy and that will fuel them throughout the day. Almost everything is made from scratch. (Photos above are of actual meals served to campers, except the salmon which was served to a group rental.)

Fresh fruit is available at the breakfast bar and between meals, and lots of fresh veggies and other good choices fill the salad bar at both lunch and dinner.

Both ominivore and vegetarian options are available at each meal, and we can accommodate most special dietary needs. Where we can, we use local vendors (such as Truckee Sourdough for most of our bread) and shop at the Sierraville farmer's market most weeks camp is in session. Those who enjoy beef will be happy to learn we use 100% grass feed beef raised locally in the Sierra Valley by Bradley & Son Cattle Ranch.

So that you can get an idea of our menu, here is a sample. We look for inspiration and new ideas each season, so just keep in mind that although this is representative of what we do, it's also subject to change:

We also have granola bars, fresh fruit, and sandwich bread available at each meal.

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